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Job Search Process  

The world of job searching has changed drastically over the years. You now have more options than ever. We'll help you navigate through those choices and guide you through the process of applying and interviewing for your next job.

Tips to Prepare for Your Search

Take charge of your job search by staying organized. It is one of the most beneficial things you can do and it only takes a few minutes. Follow these suggestions to keep you on the path to job success.  

Where to Search for Jobs

Wondering where to search for jobs?  The answer is "everywhere!" The more avenues you explore, the more you increase your chances for success. Learn more about how to search on the Internet as well as in your community.  

The Internet and Job Searching

A recent AARP study revealed that 2 out of 5 adults age 50 and over consider themselves to be extremely comfortable using the Internet. If you are not one of them, we’ll teach you a few tips to make you feel more comfortable. Using the Internet to search for jobs may sound scary at first, but you’ll soon find it’s an amazing resource used by many people today.

Social Media and Job Searching

The Internet has radically changed the way people conduct a job search. Social networking sites are now considered vital tools in the job search process. So if you are afraid of the Internet and or social media, it's time to face your fears.

Applying for Jobs

Employers learn about job applicants in a variety of ways. Some employers will only accept applications and resumes via email or online while others may use paper applications or kiosks. Learn new ways and improve upon the old ways to apply for jobs.

The Interview Process

Before you begin interviewing, make sure you’ve done your homework. Don’t try to “wing it." There are several things an employer will be seeking, such as experience, strong communication skills, and knowledge of the company and the position. Learn more about preparation and what to expect.

Accepting a Job

You’ve received a job offer. Now you have to decide if it’s right for you. Learn more about what the employer will ask you and what you should ask your potential employer before you sign on for the job.