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Inside the Employer's Mind 

Put yourself behind the desk of the employer to learn more about how he or she may perceive you as a potential employee.

Employers and Resumes

Your resume speaks volumes about you before you ever get your foot in the door. Learn more about what employers consider good practice.

Employers and Interviews

Ever wonder what employers are thinking while interviewing you? Get insight into what they’re looking for during this crucial step in the process.

How Employers Screen Applicants

Employers have a number of methods to determine a potential employee's hiring potential. Various tests, ranging from aptitude testing to drug testing, may be part of the screening process.

Why References Matter

Who you choose to best represent you matters when it comes to references. Learn more about what employers are asking your references.

Employers and the Older Worker

Some employers have concerns about hiring older workers based on dated concepts of what it means to be an older worker. Awareness of these preconceived ideas helps you to address them during the interview.

What Skills Are Employers Looking For?

The two greatest concerns of employers today are finding good workers and training them. Learn a bit about what the employer considers basic employability skills – what it takes to make the cut.

  Inside this Employer's Mind